The Second E-Summit of VIT Pune encompasses all aspects of what it takes to nurture entrepreneurship spirit, ranging from challenging competitions, clever activities, to value-adding workshops to thought-provoking sessions.

The Fundamentals 2.0

Financial independence is an elusive goal for 99.9% of the population. The need for early Financial Planning is to meet the cardinal as well as aspirational needs of every individual. 'The Fundamentals: Money Matters' revolved around guide attendees to achieve the same.


The First E-Summit of VIT Pune: E-Summit’21 was a concoction of all things entrepreneurial. Focused on nurturing and expediting growth this event was designed and curated by the official E-Cell of VIT Pune for the attendees to experience a gathering like no other

The Fundamentals

'The Fundamentals: Branding and Beyond' was a palate of workshops to sharpen one's branding brawns and brazen marketing mettle. The attendees to learnt how to weave stories into a product with the guidance of those who've been there and done that.

Business Re-Imagined : Bit-by-Bit

Business Reimagined followed the motto of an event open for all and free for all. It was a one-stop destination to strengthen one's entrepreneurial roots. Business Reimagined promised to bring the attendees an immersing experience alongside a panel of discerning elite speakers.

The Varun Mayya Webinar

In the difficult times of COVID-19, V-EDC planned for the future. To help young entrepreneurs efficiently make future choices and to provide an image of how the world would look like after the pandemic, we conducted a webinar to be the light of hope in the attendees' life.

Earn & Sell

Earn & Sell was a competition aimed at igniting the business spark in young minds. Everything from - coming up with a business idea, pitching it, and running the business on the college campus for an entire day for incorporated in this novel event.

Internship Mela

Internship Mela was an event that brought the attendees the greatest of opportunities to kick-start their career. An opportunity that not just allowed them to explore their potential, but also helped them develop a powerful resumé.


A series of Masterclasses were held to enhance the attendees' understanding of a start-up where we helped them understand how to ideate, how to establish a start-up, the legal aspects of a start-up, and how to scale it to success.