About Us

Welcome to VIT Pune


Vishwakarma Institute of Technology is an autonomous engineering college located in Pune. It was established in 1983 and is affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University. VIT became the first private college in Maharashtra to gain academic autonomy in the year 2008-09. Vishwakarma Institute of Technology has been awarded an A++ rank by NAAC, it ranks 10 in the Top Private Engineering Institutes Ranking in the country and 6 in West Zone Rankings according to the Times Engineering Institute Ranking Survey 2020. Our college has a footfall of over 4000+ students and we have an Organic reach of more than 80-90k people. Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements(ARIIA) in 2020 ranked Vishwakarma Institute of Technology ‘Band- A’ among private engineering colleges in India..

Welcome to V-EDC

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (V-EDC) of Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT), Pune was started in the month of September, 2013. It is a student run organization that aims to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among enthusiastic college students.

What is our goal?
To see at least 10% of the passing students become successful entrepreneurs

Short Term Goals:
  1. To provide a platform for interaction with entrepreneurs.
  2. Inculcate entrepreneurial education / skills amongst students through training and various exercises.
  3. Arrange vibrant interaction with organizations, hence promoting the concept of entrepreneurship.

Long Term Goals:
  1. Motivate students to develop their own Startups/Companies.
  2. Develop business incubators.
  3. Create corpus funds for seed ventures.

Our Vision

Producing successful entrepreneurs imbibed with leadership qualities using innovative and ethical business practices to make a global impact.

Our Mission

Instill the passion and spirit among students to pursue entrepreneurship.

Message from us!

The year 2023 represents a significant and noteworthy milestone for V-EDC, as we commemorate an entire decade of unwavering commitment to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs. The journey we have embarked upon over the past ten years has been nothing short of extraordinary, characterized by a multitude of remarkable achievements in the pursuit of our mission. In our relentless quest to demystify the intricate world of entrepreneurship, V-EDC has emerged as a nurturing crucible for the cultivation of leadership prowess among both our esteemed students and dedicated faculty members. The diverse spectrum of meticulously curated activities orchestrated by V-EDC has not only served to sharpen our organizational acumen but has also effectively equipped our students with the requisite skill set necessary to confront and conquer the daily trials and tribulations encountered by entrepreneurs. Our operational paradigm closely mirrors that of a dynamic and self-sustaining enterprise, with each of our departments being propelled by the very students they are designed to serve, thereby encapsulating the quintessence of a thriving small-scale enterprise. As we embark upon this new and promising chapter in our journey, we humbly seek and eagerly anticipate your continued support. Together, we can aspire to scale even greater heights and cultivate enduring partnerships that will undoubtedly yield reciprocal benefits. Here's to looking forward with great enthusiasm to another decade of unwavering commitment to fostering innovation, nurturing dreams, and meticulously shaping the entrepreneurs of tomorrow!